Vowing to Preservering The Environment

Our hotel thinks highly of sustainability, which we understand to be acting in such a way in order to attend our present needs without constraining the possibilities of future generations. Because of that, all of our actions are aimed at:

  • The environmentally correct
  • The economically viable
  • The socially fair
  • The culturally accepted

We are trying to do our part and as small an act as that may be, each measure counts.

Small gestures often bring the biggest results!

Sustainable measures

Sustainability at the Ilha de Toque Toque
  • The Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel was erected amidst the sea and the Atlantic forest in one of the most beautiful regions of the planet, excelling in respect for and preservation of the environment, which is reflected in its style and architecture.
  • With more than 5,000 square feet of native virgin forest within its property, the hotel was built from the recovery of an old ranch, reutilizing all existing constructions and without cutting any trees.
  • Eight of the 13 units are built with eco-bricks, a type of brick that does not require cooking, thus it won’t pollute or waste energy in its production. It is also self-attachable, saving cement and sand. And it does not require any type of molding.
  • All internal materials of the units were also made from treated eucalyptus, demolition or reclaimed wood from old lighting poles, replaced by the city of the region by streetlights concrete.
  • The water is collected manually by the hotel from a nearby waterfall and treated internally with activated charcoal filters and chlorine. Sometimes it has a slight yellow color, but it is pure and attested to by a trustworthy laboratory.
  • Most of the water heating is done by solar energy.
  • All lights are economic or LED.
  • The hotel is fully integrated with the landscape and native vegetation, offering a calming experience for guests.
  • Also, we work with a towel and bedding reuse program that we present below.

Participate in our programs

eco leaders

We kindly ask our guests to participate in our programs through the following ways:


  • Please turn off the air conditioner and lights when you’re not in the room. We work with equipment properly measured for the environment and for rapid cooling. There is no need to leave it on for your return.
  • In the rooms with hot showers, please set the temperature at the least hot possible position without losing comfort.
  • When finished using the sauna, please turn it off or ask the front desk to do so.


  • Towels are changed during the cleaning process when left on the ground.
  • If you prefer to reuse your towels, please hang them up.
  • Bed linens are changed every three (3) days or upon request.
  • For beach and pool towels, please use one (1) per person, per day.


  • Please refrain from wasting materials as much as possible, including food.
  • Create the minimum waste possible and dispose of it in the appropriate places.
  • Do not damage the plants.
  • Do not kill or injure the wild animals.
  • Maintain a clean beach.
  • Appreciate and value the local culture, customs and handcraft.
  • Walk the maximum you can and take advantage of everything that our beautiful region can offer.