Rejuvenate and Relax at Ilha de Toque Toque Spa by L'Occitane au Brésil

Spa at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Indulge yourself with a pampering treatment at the Hotel SPA by L'Occitane, featuring an enchanting Balinese-style design with tranquil views of the surrounding forest. In addition to treatments and therapies delivered by professional, caring therapists, the spa features a steam bath and ofuro.


Spa at the Ilha de Toque Toque

  • Lemon Grass Relaxing Massage - 50 min - BRL 215.00
  • Lemon Grass Intense Relaxation - 50 min - BRL 215.00
  • Jet-Lag Victoria Regia Treatment - 50 min - BRL 215.00
  • Cashew Modeling Massage - 50 min - BRL 215.00
  • Umbu Facial Revitalization - 50 min - BRL 215.00
  • Mandacaru Revitalizing Moment - 80 min - BRL 320.00
  • Mandacaru Deep Hydration - 110 min - BRL 420.00

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Spa at the Ilha de Toque Toque

Lemon Grass Relaxing massage

| 50 Minutes

Relieves stress and muscle tension, provides an improvement in sleep quality, rests body and mind!

Performed on the entire body, from the back of the hands to legs and feet, this massage deeply relaxes the muscles, while activating the circulation. Our Lemon Grass Moisturizing Lotion enhances the benefits of this treatment and releases all tensions: the stress simply fades away!

Lemon Grass Intense Relaxation

| 50 Minutes

Deep massage, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, ideal for sportspeople.

The massage sequence focuses on the areas that most accumulate tensions, that is, the back, shoulders and nape, with slower and firmer movements that accompany muscle fibers and tendons to loosen muscles, release toxins, and properly activate blood and oxygen circulation. To maximize benefits, the sequence is performed with our Lemon Grass Moisturizing Lotion, offering a deep level of relaxation and serenity. Your entire body is recovered and deeply balanced.

Water Lily Jet-Lag Treatment

| 50 Minutes

Draining and relaxing, combats fluid retention and fatigue, helps and quickly recover from Jet-lag effects.

This relaxing and detoxifying body massage is based on the technique of lymphatic drainage in the legs: the whole rhythm is directed to the lymphatic terminations, where a slight pressure allows the release of lymph. The Water Lily cream formula helps to eliminate the sensation of tired legs. The result is instantly lighter and refreshed legs. In addition, an exclusive relaxing sequence in the back, relieves the stress and fatigue of the trip.

Cashew Modeling Massage

| 50 Minutes

Firming and modeling lymphatic drainage, to combat cellulite and lack of firmness.

A combination of techniques and movements concentrated in the most typical areas of deposit of fats and cellulite, which is performed with the Moisturizing and Forming Cashew Cream. It aims at stimulating the muscles and increase lymphatic and blood circulation, thus improving the body's ability to eliminate waste and toxins. The result is a reduction in liquid retention, modeled waist and hips, and a feeling of lightness throughout the body!!

Umbu Facial Revitalization

| 50 Minutes

Draining and stimulating facial massage for all skin types that seek hydration and revitalization.

To provide optimum hydration and restore the natural vitality of the skin, this invigorating facial treatment combines the benefits of the Umbu extract with our exclusive facial massage sequence. Your skin will be softer, with a rested, revitalized and radiant look.

Revitalizing Mandacaru Moment

| 80 Minutes

Exfoliation + revitalizing massage to relieve stress and tension. Eliminates fatigue and lack of energy.

A full body exfoliation performed with Mandacaru Exfoliating Cream, which provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation, treating the skin by eliminating dead cells. After exfoliation, a body massage with Mandacaru Body Deodorant Moisturizing Cream, concentrated first on the left side of the body, the source of all blood flow, gently stimulates the acupuncture meridians from head to toe. Then the right side is massaged, releasing energy to all parts of the body. The feeling of tiredness or weakness is totally eliminated!

Mandacaru Deep Hydration

| 110 Minutes

Moisturizing immersion bath + massage blend that nourishes the skin, relieves tiredness and relaxes muscle strains.

The treatment starts with a relaxing deep bath with the Mandacaru Creamy Soap, which leaves your skin extremely soft and deeply moisturized. Then, a massage with the Mandacaru Body Deodorant Moisturizing Cream which combines all our exclusive techniques: the relaxing movements and deep pressure to release stress and muscular tensions, and the invigorating movements that fight the fatigue, increase the elimination of toxins and release energy. The moisturizing properties of Mandacaru bring an extraordinary benefit to your skin, in addition to making this massage a moment of pure detachment, ideal to be a first experience of the SPA L'Occitane Au Brésil

For reservations and inquiries, please send an e-mail or call +55 (12) 3864-9110.