A Unique Couples Retreat

At the Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel, we are committed to offering a unique experience to all of our visitors. Guests will find us to be the perfect embodiment of “barefoot luxury,”  a concept that merges the casual comfort and sophistication of a private vacation home with the services and luxuries expected of one of Brazil’s finest hotels.


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Our entire hotel is designed for couples. All rooms have their own private spa, hot tub or pool and some units have a sauna. TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2015 elected the hotel among the 25 most romantic of Brazil and it received the 2016 World Luxury Hotel Award in the Best Beach Hotel South America category.

“Barefoot Luxury” Style

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Our architecture and landscaping were first planned to strive for sustainability. We incorporated everything that existed at the old ranch and we only used environmentally friendly and recycled materials. We do not offer luxury in the literal sense of the word. Instead, our accommodations are a unique mix of comfort and elegance with personalized service.


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

We offer style without pretension, providing a deep connection to nature that is infused by gracious hospitality and service. As our guest you will enjoy accommodations that offer supreme comfort and tranquility without ostentation.

Beach and Mountains

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

We are located on a hilltop with amazing views of the sea and surroundings. During the cooler months, we are a romantic mountain getaway, offering comfortable rooms with fireplaces, spas, gastronomy, heated Jacuzzis and amenities that can be enjoyed in any climate. All year round, our exclusive beachfront service area on Toque Toque Grande Beach makes us the ideal beach holiday destination.


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

We are nestled amidst a native rainforest with minimal impact to our surrounding environment. Our combination of rainforest and seaside landscape is unique in the world, making our hotel’s environment even more alluring. During your stay, expect to be visited by a diverse range of birds and local wildlife.

Peace of Mind

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Our location was carefully chosen to be isolated and secluded, with the wind and the sea the only sounds you will hear. With only 13 suites on two hectares, we offer a peaceful, “back to nature” experience infused with casual luxury. Guests wishing to visit other parts of the country can easily rent a car.


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Ilha de Toque Toque is unique in several respects. There is no other hotel on the North Coast with the same philosophy, ambiance or surroundings. Our hotel is situated on 20,000 square meters amidst the Atlantic Forest with only a few units while providing customized service for every guest. That’s why when we invite you to stay with us, we say, “Escape the ordinary!”


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

The welfare and comfort of our guests are our highest priorities, which is why we offer body treatment services, massages, bubble baths, plush Queen beds, bathrobes and bath products, a fitness room and a wet sauna. Should you need anything to relax, our highly trained staff is at your service to meet any request.


Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Dining is a significant part of the guest experience. A balanced breakfast featuring cakes and other homemade products, fruits, cereals and various breads is among our delicious menu options. In our restaurant, which is exclusive to hotel guests, we have elaborate dishes that satisfy the most refined palates without neglecting a local, homemade touch.

Bird Watching

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

Originally practiced in the United States and England, bird watching means observing birds in general in their natural habitat. The Hotel is constantly visited by native birds. Watching and photographing them are activities that have attracted nature lovers. The highlights are the Hummingbirds, the Blue and the Seve-Colour Saíras and the Parrots. With some luck you can also see diferent species of Toucans.

Pool & Green Area

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

The swimming pool, heated spa with Jacuzzi and wet sauna area are the high points of the Hotel. With a dazzling view of the sea, you will be able to relax in comfortable chaises and enjoy the contrast of the blue of the sea and the green of the mountain range.

The swimming pool is located in a decked plateau surrounded by the Hotel green area and by the Atlantic forest. The ideal end of afternoon begins with a sauna bath and finishes with a therapeutic massage in this dazzling setting.

If you prefer, you will be able to savor a caipirinha or an acerola natural juice and taste a floured shrimp portion while relaxing comfortably in the ombrelone shade.

Beach Club & Private Beach Area

Experience at Toque Toque Boutique Toque

The hotel beach is located at the Toque Toque Grande Beach, which is approximately one kilometer from the hotel. This 1,000-square-meter private beachfront is available exclusively for the use of our guests, who will enjoy parking, drinks and snacks, bathrooms, shower, attendants, chairs and umbrellas.